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Page Design

Drag-and-drop Studio

We designed our Studio to enable you to focus on the business problem and work across disciplines. You can create applications from scratch or use WebMaker's powerful data-driven design features to create applications FAST!

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3

WebMaker enables the creation of flexible, HTML5 and CSS3 thin clients and rich clients. With powerful layout grids, data design controls and data validation and logic helpers, you can create enterprise-strength applications very quickly.

Server Integrations

Server Integrations

WebMaker provides powerful data-binding capabilities, that can integrate with server components, web services, databases, and much, much more. You can also use WebMaker with its patented, native XML Sever for end-to-end XML-oriented development.

Data-driven Page Design

Data-driven page design

Drag and drop elements from SQL Tables, XML Schemas and WSDL files to create your pages.

Automatic Data Validation

Powerful Data Validation

Define control-specific data validation rules, with consistent error reporting and error display styling.

Automatic Data Bindings

Flexible Data Bindings

WebMaker automatically creates server bindings for your data, which can be restructured and organised to suit your requirements.

Built-in Controls

Extensive range of built-in controls

Use an extensive range of controls, including complex data capture and layout controls to capture, store and display your information easily. You can also use custom controls to fine-tune your exact requirements.

Events Management

Simplified Events Management

Define simple and complex events. Let WebMaker manage the references to your data within your event logic, reduce the need for refactoring and enjoy spending that time focusing on your application logic instead.

Page Skins

Page Skin Separation

Create skins that are application-wide and page-specific, to separate and better organise your design and reduce duplication.

Theme Support

Theme Support

WebMaker applications use CSS3. You can create your own themes by simply changing CSS files and use the extensive colour, layout and style palettes to fine-tune your applications.

Application Templates

Application Templates

WebMaker allows any project to act as a template for other projects. Use predefined templates or create and organise your own template library to organise and accelerate your projects.

Application Orchestration

Application Orchestration Diagrams

Use graphical navigation maps to connect your pages, server controllers and actions, providing a graphical visualisation of your complete application flow.

XML Controllers

Supports XML Controllers

WebMaker provides an optional native XML Rules Engine for end-to-end XML data manipulation and management, including access to SQL databases, SOAP Services, REST Services, Java Code and much, much more.

Java Controllers

Supports Java Controllers

You can write your server controllers in Java to integrate with your existing server-side development strategy.


Message Flow, Tracing and Debugging

Comprehensive and customisable Dashboard to track your message flows, logic transitions, controller and page interactions, as well as interactions with databases and remote services, providing a complete picture of your running application during design and execution.

Team Server

Team Server

The optional Team Server enables projects to be shared across different servers and team members and integrates with the in-built version control system to enable better management and team productivity.

Custom Exits

Power in your hands

When you need to take the gloves off and get under the hood, you can access custom html controls, javascript, css and a range of other exits, both on the client and the server to fine-tune your applications. Why not take WebMaker for a test drive today...

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WebMaker Studio
(Pro Edition)
WebMaker Studio
(Team Edition)
Price $USD
$499.00 $1,995.00
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Users 1 5
WYSIWYG Page Designer
HTML5 and CSS3 Thin Clients
Page designs from SQL and SOAP WSDL
Automatic Data Validation
Automatic Data Bindings
Extensive built-in Controls
Simplified Events Management
Page Skin Separation
Theme Support
Application Templates
Application Orchestration Diagrams
Supports XML Server Controllers
(Requires WebMaker XML Server)
Supports Java Server Controllers
Includes Team Server for easier project sharing
WebMaker Forum
E-Mail and Phone Support (First 12 months)
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Installation Requirements
WebMaker XML Server $Enquire A powerful and highly scalable native XML Server that works seamlessly with the WebMaker Studio. Enables access to enterprise databases, SOAP services, REST services and much much more... You can achieve all this by using XML Rules, without the need for traditional coding. Contact Us
WebMaker Community Edition FREE Includes WebMaker Studio (Pro Edition) and WebMaker XML Server. Applications can only be deployed to open source databases and application servers. You can deploy applications on servers with upto 4 CPU cores and limited to 25 end users. Download
Other Licences $Various WebMaker is FREE for teaching purposes. We also offer discounted price plans for academic and government institutions. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us
Standard Support 20% of Software Cost Typically costs 20% of software cost and includes support via phone and email. Support covers troubleshooting issues, bug fixes, patches and upgrades. Contact Us
Extended Support Tailored We can tailor a range of extended enterprise support packages to suit your exact requirements, including unlimited 24x7x365. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us

What makes us happy...

Enterprise Development

Our focus is to reduce complexity and enable you to create beautiful, customer-focused applications from scratch or by leveraging your enterprise systems.

Empowering Teams

Our mission is to empower analysts, architects, designers and developers to be more productive, more cohesive and to remain focused on the customer experience.


"Hyfinity's solution is at the critical hotspot at the intersection of RIA and SOA, and heralds the future of rich, flexible applications created from compositions of services."

Some of our Customers and WebMaker Installations
  • Large US Health and Well-Being organisation
  • Nissan Motor Manufacturing
  • HPI - Leading provider of Vehicle and Financial Information
  • ABI - MIAFTR2 Anti-Fraud System
  • Wildnet - Insurance and Reinsurance Technology Solutions
  • BizFlow - Business Process Management
  • Lagan - Customer Relationship Management
  • Pitney Bowes Business Insight - Application Modernisation
  • Accenture National Security Services LLC - Application Modernisation
  • Redman Solutions Pty Ltd - Application Modernisation
  • Global Business and Financial Management Software Company
  • International Relief Development Organisation
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • US Army
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Department of Transport
  • US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (Modus)
  • US Veterans Affairs
  • Cable Bahamas
  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT Group)
  • Western Financial
  • Gristede's Food Inc.
  • Gnomon Inc.
  • Keystone Excavating Ltd
  • SureBooks LLC
  • Touchstone Health
  • BassetLaw
  • Cheshire
  • Hambleton
  • Hertfordshire
  • Northampton
  • North Hertfordshire
  • North Kesteven
  • Nottingham City
  • Poole
  • Southampton
  • West Sussex
  • Wyre
  • York
  • Brent
  • Camden
  • Richmond
  • Windsor and Maidenhead
  • Aberdeen
  • Argyll and Bute
  • Fife
  • Glasgow Housing
  • Highland
  • Inverclyde
  • Moray
  • North Ayrshire
  • Renfrewshire
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Scottish Borders
  • South Ayrshire
  • Western Isles
  • West Lothian